This extraordinarily luxurious finish is created entirely by the skilful hand of great artisans.
The aesthetic taste is wisely combined to create living space harmony with the highly polished marmo acts as a natural enhancer
by which a dramatic depth of colour is achieved.


             PY 353  Royal Gold

     PY 686  Black Serpeggiante

         PY 6850  Imperial Stone

       PY 682  Portoro Oriental

         PY 616  Venetian Riviera

          PY 688  Antique Beige

           PY 692  Galena Grey

          PY 685  Black Cosmic

          PY 650  Italian Volakas

       PY 8003  Jade Stone Green

         PY 691  Alaskan White

        PY 6813  Iran Travertino

              PY 671  Calacatta

            PY 683  Portos Nero

         PY 619  Classic Carrara

           PY 690  Tropical Ivory


Surface : Polished - Porcelain
Sizes : 800x800mm, 600x600mm, 300x600mm, 200x600mm, 150x600mm, 100x600mm & 300x300mm
Multi Colours  l  7 Sizes  l  1 Surface
Wall Tile  l  Floor Tile  l  Rectified  l  Shades: V1  l  10mm Thk

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